My latest blog post - Pulled Through That Dismemberment Keyhole

You are barely holding onto the threads of your life. It feels like new energies are erupting out of you almost as quickly as old parts of you are being wrenched off. If that wasn't bad enough, this has been going on for months and maybe even years. This became the new normal long ago.....read more ->

About All This

We live in a time of extraordinary change. Perched on the precipice of economic and ecological catastrophe, each of us is challenged in a myriad of ways - each way seeming to increase in intensity, rather than decrease. Embracing change, surviving change calls us to fulfill our deepest potential.
This is my place to share what I'm experiencing as well as the tools for surviving and thriving that I've found most helpful. 

Blessings to you and yours during this time of great change.

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